Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where Have You Been???

Oooohhh, excuse me, that's ME who hasn't been updating her blog....I guess you all have been right where I left you over a month ago :) I have been a busy girl, but a LAZY blogger! First off, I have been and still am, helping my son and his fiancee get things moved into their new home....their wedding is in 18 days! YIKES!!!! I still have more pew bows and flower arrangements to make! I need to get myself in gear and focus...focus...focus!

In midst of all of the busy-ness, my hubby and I took a weekend trip to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee last weekend. Packer Puppy went along for good measure and we had a really nice time. Lots of goooood food, shopping, sight seeing, good food....you get my drift here, right? Below are a few pics from our adventure:

I just loved this fence with the vine creeping over it...the beautiful mountains and trees in the background! Ahhh, such pretty scenery...

Here is a pic of us in our sweet little one bedroom cabin. So homey and comfy...I would like to have one just like it here on some of our wooded property. Hubby and I tried to figure out if we could live in one as our "retirement home" someday...I said YES, all we need to add is a HUGE closet and a "scraproom." Hmmm, that's not too much to ask for is it ;0

Lastly, we got up early on our second morning and hit the GIANT Smokey Mountain Flea Market....ahhhhh, miles of everything imaginable. Some of it was indoors in a HUGE warehouse type building.....there was lots and lots of NEW/Wholesale items and outside, there was a bit of everything. I found one booth that caught my fancy, actually hubby found it and turned me in the right direction, he said, "over here honey, it says OLD STUFF." Yep, he knows me! I found beautiful old blue canning jars. They are my FAVES!!!! Hubby was soooo impressed when I demonstrated my motto of "never pay full price for ANYTHING" and bargained until I got two of these half gallon jars (very hard to fine) and one pint jar for half of what the man wanted. I pointed out that one had a crack and the other had a "deep" scratch that might someday become a crack;) and I wouldn't want to take the two large ones and not a smaller one to go with them.....hahaha...I love the thrill of the hunt! Then I did casually mention that I was going to put buttons in them when much to my delight, he pulled out an antique tin FULL of antique button cards with the buttons still one them! (Squeal!) It takes alot to make me squeal, but this did. Hubby laughed and told me that I could have probably talked the man down $5 on the buttons and I told him that the man could have actually charged me $10 more than he did! LOL....oh such fun! I cannot wait to dig into my treasures and create something.
Well, I am off to the scraproom to make a few more pew bows and paint a candle holder. More news and hopefully, PROJECTS, coming soon.