Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Just a quick *squeal* of card came out in today's debut of the April issue of SNR! I never get tired of seeing my work in there! Thanks SNR (Anne House) for using my work!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Big Picture....

My heart is heavy this morning with the news that the last 4 miners in the West Virginia Mine Explosion did not survive, bringing the total of deaths to 29. So much sorrow for one community to bear. This hits close to home for me because my husband is an underground miner and we know all to well the risks involved with his profession. We have been glued to the news all week....just hoping....and praying....and waiting. We have had many discussions on the dangers and joys of coal mining. My husband would emphatically say, "I love my job as a coal miner." Miners are a special breed of men...they are strong and sound and brave and intent on doing the job, no matter the circumstances. My Dad is a retired miner as well and I grew up in a mining family. In our area, mining is life.....for our families, our community, our economical structure. Many oppose mining due to environmental each is own, but to those of us who live here, without the income and subsequent spending of resources that mining provides for our citizens, our area would crumble. No matter which side you're on....this disaster is terribly sad and I am heartbroken for all the loss and pain that the Big Branch Coal community is suffering.

On a lighter note, I have a few cards to share today:

My "Sympathy" card was made using K&Co Ancestry Papers and Tag, Martha Stewart Ribbon and Ink, and Prima Flowers.

This card was made using Nature Preserve 100% recycled papers, K&Co Daisies, Martha Ribbon and Ink. I loved the simplicity of this card.

My final card was made using K&Co Ancestry Papers, Prima Flowers, Hollywood Raffia, Next Image Buttons and real antique lace from my stash.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that your day is beautifully blessed!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Creative Slump.....or Creative Dump?

I find myself in a creative slump this week. I am off work today and it is rainy....a perfect day to sequester myself in my scraproom and create to my heart's content, but I haven't been able to! I will admit that my space is a messy nightmare right now. My son is getting married in July, so my scraproom has become a catch-all for wedding finery, household items, decorations and prototypes of I am not really sure if I am in a slump or just can't concentrate because it is such a "dump" right now :) When I walk in there, my mind hurts! So much much to little time! Then I tell myself that I have the rest of my life to have a clean room to work in, but only one opportunity to help make his BIG DAY more I guess I will just have to relax and enjoy the moment.

I do have a couple of cards to share today. I made the first one with Nature Preserve 100% recycled cardstock, Michael's Felt Coaster, K&Co butterfly, Martha Stewart ribbon and ink.

For this card I used: My Mind's Eye Paper; Prima Flower, Next Image Button, Martha Stewart Ribbon and Ink and Stampology Sentiment Stamp.

I have a short "dog story" to share. As you all know, I am active in rescuing discarded puppies and dogs, so I am all about adopting one that needs a home. My son phoned my office the other day and told me sad story about a 7 month old chocolate lab that needed a home. Since we are at full capacity and he IS getting married in July, this would be the perfect opportunity for HIM to adopt this dog and give it a good home! After a bit of thought, I agreed that it could live in one of our kennels for a couple of months before moving on with him to his new home. Enter
"Twix"....a seemingly innocent name for a 7 month old "puppy." In reality my son arrived home with a 80 pound behemouth, with slobbery jowels, red eyes and a distinct dislike of other dogs! Oh yes....we had quite an evening with said "Puppy." After visiting with Twix through the bars of his cage that his nice owners GAVE my son to haul him home in...we ascertained that he was indeed people friendly, slobbery, but friendly. My son and I carefully worked through the top of the crate door to get his new collar and lead securely attached before actually opening the door and allowing his escape...did I say that he weighed about 80 pounds??? Well anyway, after much twisting and turning, pushing and pulling, we had him leashed and opened the door. He happily jumped to the ground, pulling my 6'2", 210 pound son like a pulltoy around the driveway, refusing to be "led", but rather leading the way himself. He did enjoy being scratched under the chin and on the head, he did shower you, literally, with all kinds of slobbery affection.....until my small female daschound, Mollie, walked by (she is Packer's mom). The he turned MONSTER!!! He was obviously VERY dog agressive! He didn't care for any of the dogs that wander around my yard and was not shy about it! A couple of fresh chicken breasts from the fridge were a small price to pay to lure him back into the truck and into his crate. Sigh.....gate safely fastened with dog inside! (Oh and by this time, my son's finacee was sitting inside her Jeep with the door CLOSED to get away from him!!!) Are you getting the picture here? After rescuing many, many dogs....I was stating rather forcefully, "This dog needs to be returned to his owners. I am getting a good idea of why he NEEDED a new home." My son was disagreeing. How could we really know Twix in only a matter of minutes? Didn't he deserve a chance? Yes, I agreed, but only until dear hubby arrived to assess the situation and give us his opinion. Well, and I know that I'm rambling here, but I want you to get the picture...hubby arrived about 20 minutes after the Monster, I mean Twix, was back in his crate. He walked over, took one look and said, " I thought you were getting a puppy? Look at his eyes. I don't think you want this dog." *smile* I knew I was right, but for some reason, Dad's opinion of the animal world carries more weight than Mom's. Again, after arguing "fair chance", Twix was again allowed OUT of the crate, (fiancee back in the Jeep....Mollie running for her life....all of the neighbor's dogs standing back and watching), with hubby manning the leash. Twix immediately jumped up with his paws on 6 foot hubby's shoulders and slobber loved him all over! He then growled, fur raised at another dog....refused to be led....pulled and tugged like an alligator doing a death roll and met his fate! BACK TO HIS OWNERS HE WOULD GO!!!! Son was too embarrassed to take him so dear hubby and I returned him, much to his owner's displeasure. Said owner and I agreed that "puppy" is really out of control! (Has anyone seen the movie Marley and Me? Well this was Marley's evil twin). He is dog agressive....his owner said, and I quote, "I have to get rid of him....he is hyper." UNDERSTATEMENT!!!! Anyway....Twix is back with is owner and I have 2 bruised arms, a scraped hand and some minimal mental trauma to show for it :) Son is fine....and determined to adopt from a shelter in the near all in all....lesson learned! As lessons wasn't to one was bitten, no dogs were injured and no bones were broken! LOL...hope you enjoyed the rambling!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I am honored to have one of my favorite recent card creations published in the April issue of Scrapbook News and Review! I was also in their last April's issue....hmmm...I'm guessing that "April" must be my month :) I will post the card in May after my publication contract expires! Just had to share the good news!!!