Sunday, December 27, 2009

Where Does It Go?

I am thinking tonight of how fast Christmas comes and goes. All of the weeks of preparation, shopping, wrapping, baking....searching for that perfect present...and then, in a matter of minutes...POOF, it is all over! I always feel a bit of post Christmas let down, but this year, I didn't! Perhaps because it was the oddest Christmas that I can remember....due in part to a LARGE snowstorm we had Christmas week.

Our area was hit with about 10-16 inches of heavy, wet snow and a week of power outages! Fortunately, my home did not lose power, but my Dad and sister did for 6 days! My Dad, due to health issues, stayed for a couple of nights at my house. My brother's family didn't make it in to celebrate with us this year due to the storm, so it was an odd....kinda "off" holiday for us. Still, we were all safe, fairly healthy and blessed.

Even with all of the problems that the storm brought with it....the snow was was so quiet and still.....and outages made everyone slow down and really take stock of what is important. I have decided that all of our future Christmases will be simpler. My goal is that somehow...someway we will concentrate on the REAL meaning of the season and celebrate that. So as I put away the pretty paper and bows, take down the greenery and the wreaths, I am thankful for another Christmas spent with those I love (at least some of them :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Altered Frames

I have been busy this week....all of the Christmas preparations....candy making and cookie baking....last minute shopping, wrapping, still tweaking my decorations, along with working. Shew....I am tired but pleasantly so.

I have been altering a few picture frames for gifts this week...and altering anything is one of my fave projects to do. I love taking something that is intended for one use and creating something totally different. Below, I made a set of Christmas frames using my favorite Christmas Bible verse..."For unto us a child is born..." and on the other, simply "Believe."

I then found a "four picture" frame and love what it became! I used my favorite sheet of Christmas Paper to cover the front, a coordinating sheet on the inside and embellished with Walmart Holiday Time stickers. The red reindeer and poinsetta set off the cream and gold ribbon. I had a wooden easel which matched perfectly. Viola, a gift for my friend for Christmas.

This is what my dining table looks like tonight.....any guesses?

My Dad was born in 1929, right in time to grow up in The Great Depression. Christmas at his house was nothing like it is for us and our children. They lived on a working farm, and believe me, they all worked! He was taken to the fields at 5 years old and taught to hoe with his parents and older brothers and sisters. Not much time for "childish" things when your entire family literally "works" to live. My Dad turned 80 years old this year, and he can only recall getting a toy for Christmas ONE time! Usually, they were given a "sock" (their version of a stocking) filled with fruit and nuts. THAT was their gifts...and like most things in those days, it was all food which they had harvested in the Fall. When our children were small, he began fixing all of his grandchildren a "treat bag" filled with fruit and candy, reminiscent of his childhood holidays. This year, we are all getting one, children and grandchildren alike. In a world so consumed with materialistic visions and goals, this may seem simple and silly. To us, it is a sweet reminder of where we come from and how deeply our "country" roots grow. Faith, family and food....much of our southern culture revolves around these three things. And although we do have gifts all wrapped in their pretty paper to exchange, my 22 year old son looked at me tonight and said, "you know, now that I'm not a little kid, this treat bag is my favorite part to Christmas at Papaw's. The fruit and candy taste so good when he gives it to us." Due to age and frail health, I had the privilege of shopping for and putting the bags together this year for my Dad. I thought of who he is and who he has taught us to be...and I said a little prayer of thanks for this strong, sweet man of faith who has given us everything that he has to give.
Aren't traditions wonderful....they anchor us...they comfort us....they tie to together from one generation to the next. If you haven't, why don't you start one this year with your family? It doesn't have to be elaborate....just heartfelt. Until next time...God bless you and those you love.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Trees and Puppy Dogs....

Good Saturday blogger friends and is a cold day here in my neck of the woods. Hubby and I have been out to lunch and finished a bit of shopping. We stopped by our local Tractor Supply store where the ASPCA was having an adoption day and we saw so many beautiful dogs needing a good home. If you have never thought about adopting a dog or cat, please consider doing so instead of buying one. There are soooo many that need a home and someone to care for them. Contact your local shelter or for details. Owners were also bringing their pets to have a picture taken with Santa today as well! It was adorable. The sweetest was a HUGE solid black Great Dane who walked up to Santa and sniffed him all over, then gently lay down at his feet! It was a priceless "pet moment" and made me just itch for my own camera.

Speaking of cameras, Hubby was a good sport today and let me try out my self timer settings on my NEW camera!(I'm still SQUEALING!) This pic is for all of the family members who visit our blog....a glimpse of us this holiday season ;)

Below are a few of my Christmas Card Creations this year. I absolutely LOVED making them. I used the Martha Stewart pine branch punch and built my little branch at a time! It was similar to putting together an artificial tree....and the finished product was so cute. I love the imperfection of the shapes and branches...just like a real one, I tell ya. And then...I got to decorate each one. No two are alike and I loved each and every theme. The punching did get a bit tiresome, I even had a few of the girls in my office punch a know...just to try out the punch ;) I am secretly winning them over to scrapping and card making. They just don't know it yet.

My last little card is a puppy card for Christmas. He is not a die cut or a chipboard, he fell off one of my gift bags and I just HAD to find him a new home, viola, he is now a "card dog" and loving every minute of it, I am sure ;)

We have two Christmas Parties to attend this evening, so I am off to hair and makeup ( bathroom mirror). Hope that you all have a wonderful day...and happy scrapping.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Glimpse of Christmas Cheer

Hello to all of my blogging buddies. Although I have been busy in the craft room, I decided today to just post a glimpse of what Christmas looks like at our house...I have been tweaking the decorations for the past week or so, and since I had today off...I added a few touches and had time to take a few photos.

This lighted garland lines the snack bar which separates my kitchen and dining area. Red, Gold, Brown and a splash here and there of white are my colors of choice this holiday season.

Little Packer Puppy is all geared up to celebrate his second Christmas. He has, so far, "killed" two bird ornaments and knocked a few apples and balls from the tree. (they are nonbreakable....I had a feeling :) When we came in the door from church last weekend, he met us at the door and was sooooo excited. He quickly ran from us to the tree and back proudly showing us that he had taken care of at least 2 of those pesky birds that had somehow found their way into the branches of this tree that had suddenly sprung up in our living room. Really, I wonder what his little puppy mind is thinking? What in the world are they doing, planting a tree in the house? And what's with all of these twinkling light things...and boxes with pretty bows? How can a puppy resist. (hehe...okay, maybe he isn't thinking all of that...but the looks he gives me....sometimes, I wonder.)

We have had some really cold days, so this week, when we get home from work in the evenings, we have lit a fire....mmmmmm....I love it, the look, the feel. Nothing says "cozy" like a nice blazing log in the fireplace. And it adds to the Holiday Spirit of things ;)

Here are a couple of "close ups" of the theme of my tree this year. I am calling it my "recession tree" because I did not spend more than $1 for any ornament on it! I am the frugal shopper and I looovvve a bargain. Most of the ornaments were bought last year on clearance in January and put aside for "whenever." The others I have picked up at random shops this year. Although I have a storage closet FULL of decorations and ornaments collected over the past 26 years, hubby wasn't too keen on getting it all out, so when I mentioned a "woodland theme" with birds and pinecones, apples and all things glittery that I already had OUT of storage, he was immediately on board! LOL. Sometimes, change is good. Don't you love the clarity of these close up shots? Have you ever seen colors so vibrant? red?

Aren't these pics so clear, so bright, so PERFECT? Well, (and I am truly SQUEALING here) They were taken with my NEW CAMERA which my wonderful, sweet, thoughtful hubby got me for Christmas and gifted me with it this week so that I would be able to study up on it and take good pics at Christmas! (Squealing again!!!!) Take a look...

Yep, he got a me a new CANON and I am LOVING it! Those of you who truly love to take pictures will understand last camera, although still fairly new, was a DUD! Have you ever done that....wanted the NEWER, Better model and then been so disappointed? Well that was my case with my last Fugi. I had the previous model, you know, the new one's older brother, and it was a great camera. When the new one came out, boucing new baby camera, I thought, if the old one was good, this one will be great! Not so...and I spoke with a camera professional the other day and he informed me that I was not alone. That almost everyone who bought the updated version of my last camera, returned it...for the same reasons that I never liked it. So....long story short...(or maybe not so short :) Thank you dear hubby for taking my photo woes seriously and getting me something that I ADORE! And for all of my blogbuddies...that means MORE photos to post! Maybe next time, I will not bore you with my ramblings :)
Thanks for stopping by...until next time...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday morning we awoke to 3 inches of beautiful snow. It was a heavy, wet snow and coated every tree branch, fence post and bird feeder in sight. Beautiful! Our lawn was a perfect sea of white, UNTIL the neighborhood dogs ran through it a few hundred times...then....not so pretty! LOL. Still, it did put me in the Christmas spirit.

Last night, hubby and I went to a Christmas Party....sometimes, getting all dressed up is fun!

Still working on my Christmas cards.....probably will not have them finished in time for this year :) Slow but Steady, that's my motto. Hope that you all have a great day.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Page For All Seasons Contest....Becky Fleck

I have just discovered the site and I LOVE IT! So many wonderful layout and card ideas! It is a must for any papercrafter and I am so glad that I stumbled upon it and can't believe that it took this long! This LO is for a current contest, "Becky Fleck....A Page For All Seasons." I have already created two LOs using this one sketch and have added it to my "keep" sketches.

I used a photo of our friends taken last month at Church. My supply list includes: Heidi Grace Clear Word "JOY" Sticker, K&Co Papers, Karen Foster Autumn Papers, Die Cuts With a View Papers, Pebbles Inc Sticker, Raffia and Thickers. I put some extra TLC into this one, I covered my Thickers Title Brackets with cardstock, sanded the edges and inked them all over to "age" them. I also "hand stitched" (yes, I sewed....sigh.....) across the bottom of the photo and covered one of the Heidi Grace Hearts with cardstock, sanded the edges and wrapped it with raffia! I love this page and I am sure that when I look at it many years from will spark a memory....afterall, isn't that WHY we scrapbook?

I hope that you enjoy my LO half as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall is Fading....

Hi all. I am feeling a bit blue....Fall is fading fast in my neck of the woods, and we all know "what" comes next! I am a warm blooded person living in a all season climate. DH and I often joke about flying south for the winter and never coming back ;) I guess that loving 3 out of 4 seasons is enough to be thankful we will just stay here...firmly entrenched in the hills of Eastern Kentucky :)

I have been busy in my craft room again....and just when I started this post, I realized that I don't have my supply list with me. (hehe)...I guess that I can show my LO and card now and give credit later :)

This is my ALL TIME FAVE layout! I absolutely love, love, love the way this page came together. The orange, browns and greens just make me happy....all Fall feeling and warm! And of course, I love the son and his finacee! I snapped this photo on a Sunday afternoon at Church and knew that I would create a page around it somewhere down the road. I just LOVE the big green Petaloo flower! I makes sense of the butterflies flitting all around and gives the page a POP of color.

More business around here....we are celebrating an "early Christmas/Thanksgiving" this coming weekend with my inlaws. Can't wait to see the family traveling in for a few days...and everyone loves and early Christmas, right!

Thanks for stopping by....have a great, scrappy day!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

CPS 142 Weekly Challenge

Hello and happy Sunday to you all! Today is my son's 22nd birthday....whew....the years have flown! We had a wonderful church service followed by an early Thanksgiving Dinner there which we combined with a birthday dinner for Jay! He spends most of his time there, so it was only fitting that all of our church family celebrate his big day with him!

I have become addicted to the CPS Blog! What great sketched and ideas! This is my take on this week's challenge. This is sketch #142 and I was inspired for a Fall design.

It promises to be a busy week, so I have scrapped and created every available minute this weekend. I have finished several LO's and have a new alltime fave! I will post it later this week when the lighting is better :) Now that it is dark by 6pm, I don't have much evening light to grab for natural light photos.

Hope that you all have a great day and a wonderful week! Until next time....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm Crafting....

Hello all! I am excited to post today. I have been working on a couple of projects and FINALLY have a big one completed! But first, I have to tell you, I have found the perfect pie for those of us watching our "girlish figures" ;) It is called "Pie In A Jar!" That's right, an 8 oz serving of any kind of pie that tickles your fancy. Not only are they so cute...they are so simple!!!! and soooo yummy!

Aren't they adorable? I fixed peach and apple and both were wonderfully received! You can go to to find the instructions for these goodies! I simpy used store bought pie crusts (gasp!) and found that 2 9" pie crusts made 6 pies in jar. I also used canned pie filling and after filling the jars, placed them on a baking sheet and baked in a 350* oven for 50-60 minutes. Viola! A single serving dessert perfect for these fall days.

I was inspired by Melissa Phillips to do a chipboard Christmas Memory Album and thoroughly enjoyed this project. I cut my album to suit my design ideas and the rest, as they say, is history.

There are pages for pictures, pockets for favorite recipes, small embellies EVERYWHERE....just right for making me smile when I look back year after year.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you enjoy a glance into my crafty world. Until next time....happy scrapping.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

CPS 141 Weekly Challenge and Other Crafty Things...

I am loving CPS (Card Positioning Challenge) sketches! If you've never visited them for inspiration, do is a must. I love the simplicity of this sketch and since I was in a Christmas "Creating" Mood...viola! A simply divine card for someone special....stamped inside with "Make a Wish."

(supplies for this card were Nature Preserve Green Cardstock, Scrap Holly Berry Paper, Michael's Celebrate Christmas Holly and Berry, HL Ribbon and Kirby Polosa Layered Sticker)

I was in a glittery mood for this card. I love the cream and green with a touch of elegant. The K and Co. Ancestory Paper with the cream flourish was perfect for what I had in mind. (other supplies: Hallmark Ribbon, Michael's Leaves and Holiday Berries, Kirby Polosa Layered Stickers.)

I have also been busy with a group of Country Christmas Cards and a couple of other things, which I will show you later :) My work schedule returns to fulltime this week, so I am getting in each and every scrap moment possible.

Hope that you all have a great Sunday!


Saturday, October 31, 2009

An Apple A Day....

An apple a day keeps the doctor away....if that were true then I wouldn't have administered a bucket full of flu vaccines this week :) That was my thought when I posted this shiny little apple card!

For this card I used My Mind's Eye Paper, HL wooden apple cutout, Martha Stewart glitter, hemp and Next Idea ladybug button.

I have been making these little 4x6 mini albums. I simply used 4x6 index cards, covered with My Mind's Eye Papers, Seasonal Embellishments, Ribbon and a clip ring. So easy, so fun and so affordable. I decided to do one for each season and here is a peak (I haven't finished my Spring album).

I love taking bits of "nothing" and creating "something" special! I feel that I accomplished that with this project.

Thanks for stopping by...and as always, may your scrapping be happy.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Altered Items...

Just a quick post this morning...I have been "altering" again and it is still one of my favorite things to do. I just love taking something and designing it to be even better. Below is a glance at my "Just a Note"....books. I used simple $1 bound composition books (not spiral bound), and covered them with My Mind's Eye Papers, embellished them with Prima and/or Petaloo Flowers, added Next Image Buttons and a designer notebook is born! So simple, so cute, so "one of a kind," because no two are exactly the same. I then used ribbon and matching flowers to coordinate a gel pen to complete the set. I covered the inside front and back with a coordinating, solid color. A wonderful place for someone to "write" their thoughts, plans, dreams or lists. (I am a list person, so that one was for me :)

(I have much better pics of this project but for some reason, cannot get them to load correcty??)

I am off work today (I have enjoyed a shortened work schedule for 2 weeks and have a couple more to go...sweet!) So I am planning luch out with Hubby this afternoon before he leaves for work. It is rainy and so FALL outside my window right now! I am loving those bright yellows, reds and browns. Fall refreshes my slows me down, reminds me of the importance of simple things, like a fire in the fireplace to ward off an evening chill, a big pot of comfort food simmering on the stove, warm, fuzzy socks and a puppy to cuddle. What more could a woman ask for?

Hope that your day is GREAT!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crafting Frenzy...

Hi Blog Buddies...I have been in somewhat of a "CRAFTING FRENZY" lately and I love it! I have so many ideas jostling for position in my head right now, that I am actually sketching so that I don't forget any of them. Below, I have created a "gift box" of Christmas Cards....which was sooo much fun to make. I think that I enjoyed decorating the box more than making the cards.

I found this plain papermache box at WM, painted it with Apple Barrell Barn Red Acrylic Paint, added a coat of silver spray glitter, a gold and brown bow, a beautiful golden, glitter reindeer and viola! A Christmas treasure is born!

I made 6 matching cards along with envelopes and someone will receive this set very soon! The box says simply, "Rejoice"....the cards say...."For unto us a child is born." I can't really do a product list, because these cards were actually made from scraps of papers, scrap ribbon and the christmas flowers were all from one flowered ornament that I bought years ago and had never used.....for this project, I was the Economical Scrapper ;)

I love this little "tree card" simple and so sweet. I am attempting to do more "layering" on my projects. That is my new goal...more dimension...more texture. This little tree was an HL Wooden Prepainted Cutout,( I used Martha Brown and White to ink his branches :) the paper is Best Occasions, Next Idea Buttons (even the snowman),Fashion Cord Thin Hemp, Martha Stewart Ink and TPC Studio Stamp, which says on the front "JOY"...and on the inside..."to the World."

I also have a couple of cute creations entered in a DT Call, so wish me luck! And until next time....may all your scrapping be HAPPY!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rainy Saturday...

Today was such a rainy, cool day in my neck of the woods! I crafted all afternoon! It is such a sweet treat to sneak away to my craft room for a couple of hours! Nothing better than craft supplies and a warm puppy lying at my feet while I create! I made a few "treat jars" for a fundraiser project which I just learned tonight has been cancelled, so several of my friends and family members, look out....homemade goodies are coming your way packaged in one of these sweet containers.

These are new canning jars which I painted to look like "pumpkins and apples." I used acrylic paints, harvest wraphia (yes, it is spelled that way :), brown felt to cover the lids and form my "stems",and leaves and stickers for embellishements. I plan to fill them with my gourmet White Chocolate Drizzle Popcorn! Yummy for the tummy and the eye! And so much fun to make.

No cards for today, but I am working on a sweet Christmas Box set which I am loving!
Check back later for all of the details! Happy Scrapping!