Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Just stopped in for a quick post. We have had BEAUTIFUL weather in Eastern KY this weekend and it has been MUCH appreciated by me! What a snowy January we have endured and just a bit of warmer temps and bright makes my spirit soar!

I made this cute card a few days ago using some 'scraps' lying on my desk, but I loved the tea stained tag and twill from Kraft. To me, it made it all come together.

Well, back to work for me tomorrow after two weeks of sick leave. Although anxious to get back to my normal routine, I will miss the stolen moments in my scraproom!
Wherever you are, may your week be blessed!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I am squealing this week! While checking my email from my hospital bed ( I was having complications from kidney stone laser surgery), I received the news that two of my cards have been chosen to be published in the February 13th edition of Scrapbook News and Review online magazine! I am so excited. I have had two cards previously published with them and am honored to have two more chosen! If you get a chance, visit their site and see what I've been up to!

Here is a sweet "icy" winter themed card that I threw together one evening with things just lying on my desk. I love the fragile snowflake with the sparkly tag! Simple, but sweet.

Thanks for stopping by...blessings to you until next time!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random Thoughts...

Wow, I have actually had time to post more than once this week and I have loved it! A few days off work has given me time to play in my scraproom, take lots of photos, cook up a couple of pots of yummy soup and surf the web. Ahhh, sometimes we all need a moment to reconnect with the things we love to do and I have truly enjoyed being able to. Today, not so much fun. I am in the process of passing a kidney stone, so I am medicated and housebound, praying that I can get rid of this rascal on my own! I figured since I am pretty much unable to do anything else, I would post a few of my newest cards and random thoughts.

I just love the red and white on this card. The snowflakes are so wispy and fragile looking, and since it is technically winter when Valentine's Day arrives, I thought a snowflake v'day card was perfect!

This next card is for a special person whose birthday is just around the corner! Even though she's all grown up, I still think of pretty pastel pinks and girly ribbons when think of her!

(You can act appropriately surprised, Amber, when you get this ;)

I have decided to do a 2011 Project for myself this year. I plan to scrap bits and pieces of our lives each month during this year (not a photo a day, I simply don't have time for that). I tried the project 365 last year and by April, I was tired of it! And frankly, dh and I are not interesting enough to photo something EVERYDAY of our lives. (hehehe) I have looked at the kits that are currently available for documenting a year of your life, but decided that I could do my own for a fraction of the cost. I have my January LO started and will share it at the end of the month. I am considering also doing one for my DIL to document her and my son's year together. Since I am always taking photos, they will not even realize that I am doing anything special ;) I hope to give it to her in August for her birthday and then complete the pages as the year progresses. (She doesn't enjoy scrapping, but loves the finished projects that I have given her....makes for a great gift giving idea!)

Thanks for dropping by today....and until next time, I pray that you are wonderfully blessed and happily scrapping!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love...and Snow...are in the air.....

Here in my neck of the woods, we have been seeing quite a bit of "old man winter." He is showing his lovely self in wondrous fashion and I have enjoyed spending many snowy afternoons doing what I love most.....I have been hitting the craft room a bit more often this new year...that is actually one of my goals: no matter how busy life gets, CREATE something, EVERYDAY! (Not really a resolution, I hate those, but a goal for my self satisfaction.) If I am not working on a LO, a card, a new recipe, photos or something, I feel more stressed and unfulfilled! I NEED to make things...that's just part of my make-up, part of who I am and I have been this way since I was a young girl. I NEED TO CREATE! Not a bad addiction, huh?

Below, I have whipped up a few valentine cards. The first one was one of my least favorite cards ever while I was making it.....when I tweaked it a bit, it became my fave of the day!

My next card was inspired by the little canvas tag! The rest, they say, is history!

I am loving the pink and cream combination. So soft and "lovely."

Just a glimps of my messy desk! I am a messy artist! The bigger the mess, the better I feel...LOL.

Are any of you "neat crafter?" Share a pic of your space and let's compare ;)

Until next time, I pray that you are wonderfully blessed and happily scrapping!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

CPS challenge 200

Here is my take on the latest CPS (Card positioning system) #200

I just love the bright reds, white and black on this simple interpretation! I will use this layout again and again.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sweet Snowy Saturday

We awoke to another beautiful Snowy Saturday! We have about 2-3 inches on the ground and more in the forecast! Hubby and I go out on Saturday mornings for breakfast. It is something that we look forward to each week and enjoy that time together. (and the food is good to ;) This morning, this is the roads that we traveled on:

OKAY....a bit more snow than we was a slow trip, but breakfast was still great and so was the company ;)

Here is a "snowy pic" of hubby and I...I had the *sungrins* and couldn't stop squinting:

And where is sweet Packer Puppy in all of this snowy weather? Right here.....

On the arm of my chair, all warm and cuddly in his winter sweater! He is still overly attached to me and is never more than an arm's length away when I am home. I picture him sitting on the back of the sofa, looking out the window, and waiting for me to get home from work each day. He is a warm, cuddly bundle of puppy love and I am alway eager to get home to him as well!

Here's wishing you all a "warm and toasty" day wherever you are.