Monday, December 27, 2010

Hello it is back to "normal" here in our world. We were blessed with a white Christmas this year and we loved it! Today, the snow is still flying and we have about 8" on the ground. It reminds me of winter when I was a child! (Only now, I do not play in it until my toes are numb ;)

This year we had a daughter-in-law to share our holiday!That made it extra special! She and our son spent part of Christmas Eve with us and we ate Christmas Dinner at their house! This was our first Christmas "alone" since we were 22 years about laid back! We ate when we wanted, napped several times during our days off, kicked back at every opportunity...LOL. But I will admit....I had a few moments of "longing"....longing for those days of twinkling eyes and wide smiles...of waiting for Santa followed by days of putting toys together and playing with every one! Little boys (and girls) grow up waaaayyyyy too fast...and leave our homes way to empty, especially during the holidays.

Hope that you all enjoyed a beautiful Christmas with those you love! I am heading for my craftroom today and looking forward to playing with some great Christmas goodies!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Love.....

We had an early Christmas with my family this past weekend....the picture below touched my heart: two chapters being written in the same family book , one by my Dad, the eldest at age 81, one by Baby Brody, the youngest at age 1! A lifetime of living in between the two.

I wonder as my Dad held his great grandson, did his mind go back to when he was a little boy? Did his dim eyes look back and see other arms who held him and pointed out the glittering lights and brightly wrapped gifts. Did someone hold him close and whisper "Poppy loves you"? Did his small hands touch the faces of his family and did his sweet smile warm their hearts? This pic made me wonder...

We are blessed this year to have a Daughter-in-Law added to our family! She is a wonderful addition to our family and we love her. She completes our son and in doing so, completes us! She is such a perfect fit, it seems like she was born to be ours!

Last year our "family Christmas" was cancelled due to the weather. A huge snowstorm knocked the power out for over a week and none of the out of town family coud make it in. This year we were all together and it was wonderful!

This picture speaks "LOVE" to much love in one small group of people..that's what "family" is all about...and I am so Blessed!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Just a quick post today to share a very pretty and easy idea for a beautiful homemade good gift. This is my White Chocolate Gourmet Popcorn:

A few years ago a pharmaceutical rep would bring tiny bags of this to my office and I ate a few just to find out the ingredients (joke) and decided that it was so delicious I just had to make my own. I am going to post the recipe. Be sure to pay close attention. I wouldn't want you to miss an important step in the process:
1. Pop microwave popcorn of your choice.
2. Remove from bag when cool and place in single layer on wax paper covered cookie sheet.
3. Add a few handfuls (for this size container)of any type red/green etc type cereal. ( I use the red crunchberries in Captain Crunch or Red/Green Fruit Loops) Sprinkle over popcorn.
4. Sprinkle a few almonds over popcorn.
5. Melt 1 package White Tree Bark( or you could use white chocolate morsels. I have found that tree bark works better for mr). Stir until completely smooth.
6. With a fork (I don't know why, the fork just works better in this instance for getting nice long strips of chocolate) dip chocolate and with a flicking motion of the wrist, fling gently over popcorn mixture until nearly every popcorn morsel has SOME chocolate on it. (it is perfectly acceptable to let it land more heavily in some areas and people often tell me that these are the BEST bites ;)
7. Place cookie sheet in refrigerator until chocolate hardens.
8. Transfer into pretty bags, boxes, jars etc and decorate for any holiday.
9. Enjoy...enjoy....enjoy.

I made this large container for the girls in my office this week. They have passed it around and thoroughly enjoyed it! One of them, that I have worked with for many years, said, "oooooh yummy, Tammie's gourmet popcorn." Isn't it nice to do things for people when they appreciate it! (I almost forgot, in this batch I sprinkled red and green nonperils on the chocolate before putting it in the made it look so festive.)

Of course the ingredients can be adapted to your own taste...the only two that are required are the popcorn and chocolate. Afterall, with those two firmly in place, how could it possibly go wrong? And, may I add, that I enjoyed decorating the container almost much as eating the popcorn. I used scraps of cardstock, ribbon and couple of ornaments lying on my desk. Viola...a gift worth giving!

Thanks for stopping by. After an icy/snowy morning which closed my office today, I think that I will venture out this afternoon for a bit of last minute shopping.
See ya soon!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Time's Comin'

Hi friends! Tonight I am sitting in the sweet glow of the Christmas tree, nibbling on homemade Southern Pecan Fudge and basking in the knowledge that I have completed my Christmas shopping! Whew....what a relief. Now, perhaps, I can enjoy the remainder of the season!( FUDGE NOTE: This is the first good fudge that I have made after trying diligently for 27 years!!! My DH is always supportive and so generous with his praise, but the other night, after my third failed batch, he said so sincerely, "honey, you just can't make fudge, can you? LOL. Well you know what...NOW I CAN....and it is delicious! Oh, and yes, I will diet after the holidays :)

I wanted to share a couple of Christmas cards that I made this week. I have thoroughly enjoyed having some time off work and getting to create craft room is my "happy place" and I go there every chance I get.

Sometimes when I finish a project, I look at it and am amazed that with a bit of ribbon, paper, glue and embellies, I have "created" something worthwhile....and it gives me relaxes me and makes me happy!

As we are under a Winter Storm Warning this weekend, I am settling in with a new recipe for "White Hot Chocolate" (yummmmm...I will share it later if it is as good as it promises to be ;), a few good books, some Christmas music and a warm, sweet Packer Puppy sitting by my side. Oh yeah, and PLENTY of new paper products to play with from my last shopping trip to Michaels. What more could a gal ask for?

Thanks for taking a moment to visit my scrappy world.....until next time.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Let it Snow!

Here in Kentucky, we have enjoyed a cold and snowy weekend and beginning of the work week! Pictured below is sweet Packer Puppy enjoying a romp in the snow on our deck! He comes directly inside for a warm towel and my lap :) He loves a good cuddle!

I have been in the most unbelievable crafting slump for months! Actually since my son married this past July and I moved my scrap space into his bedroom, I have not been able to settle in a create anything! Fianlly, this week, I have moved everything into a "workable" arrangement and I am thrilled!

Inspired by Mish's blog, I have developed a love for brown paper sac designs. So country, sort of shabby and soooo much fun! The above "sac cards" will be filled with goddies, baked and monetary, for those on my Christmas list this year! Fun, fun, fun! This week, I have made a mini album, Christmas Cards and my sweet little sacs....whew, it sure is good to have my creative mojo back! I was getting stressed!
Here's wishing all of you a wonderful "crafty" week and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Birthday Fun

My son celebrated his 23rd birthday this week! 23...twenty-three....XXIII....anyway you say it, that's alot of years for my "baby." When I was his age, 'he' was two months old...I guess we really did grow up together, and each step of the way has been a pure JOY! Happy Birthday Jay...and may God bless you with many more!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Photo Shoot

Last Sunday afternoon, I had a great time doing a Fall photo shoot for friends of ours. And I discovered something....getting a 9 and 7 year old boy to stand still for any length of time is no small feat! They are interested in EVERYTHING going on around them...they might need a moment to pick up a leaf that just a dog that wandered past....wrestle each other to the ground or go on a hike up the hillside! Whew, what I would give for just an ounce of that energy! Really, though, they did great and I got a workout so all is well and I think the fall colors are gorgeous!

Last week beautiful Fall weather with balmy temps in the 70's and tomorrow's forecast...SNOW! Of Fall, I will miss you!

Thanks for stopping by and "seeing" me! Hope that your day is GREAT!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Often, I stop and count my blessings.....I am so thankful for so much...and so undeserving of it all! On this beautiful Fall Sunday, I am thankful for falling leaves in vibrant colors, a picnic in the mountains after church with my sweet hubby, the smell of woodsmoke on the evening air, acorns falling and it being so quiet that I could hear them land in the bed of leaves below! Sometimes...almost ALWAYS, the simplest things are the best!

A few weeks ago I found this beautiful old girl at a local flea market.....

The minute I saw her, I wanted her. She was old and worn (dated 1948), a bit banged here and there, but she was a beauty! And...she still WORKS! Now any of you who know me understand that while I love most things "crafty", I hate to, you say, why a sewing machine??? Well, because she is beautiful, like a priceless work of art...or the finest sculpture....and while she just "SITS" in my craft room, everytime I look at her, I smile. She is almost identical to the sewing maching that my granny had when I was a child...and somehow, she takes me those sweet days long ago...and again, I am blessed!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wedding Magic

I have become a "blog post slacker".....I never seem to find the time to sit down and show you what I've been up to in the craft room...but, I did promise a pic of the pew flowers that I made for my son's wedding last month.

These were sooooo easy...I used an 8 1/2 x 11" cardstock rolled into a cone, embellished, added a handful of flowers (held together by a rubber band around the stems) and viola! Beautiful pew flowers! So many people asked where we found which I replied, in my scraproom, of course ;)

There were 36 pews in the church and we opted to use the flowers on every other row, which meant that I only had to make 18 of them. It only took a few hours and the result was exactly what I was hoping for. you can't see them in the pic, but each one had an elegant white butterfly adorning them.

The photogher was awesome...and this is my FAVORITE wedding pic! I just love it...the pose, the colors...the subjects ;), just awesome!

And this one...well I just love it to! At my DIL's bachelorette dinner, we saw this ad in a jewelry store and LOVED it...since the entire bridal party was there...they knew exaclty how to pose and get the full effect! I love how the bride and groom are in a world all their own...and the way they stand out in color....AWESOME!!!

In case you can't tell...I am still on a wedding "high"....LOL....and since we purchased the copyright to ALL 500+ pics, I get to edit to my heart's content and change them up to suit my own taste....aahhhhh, a photographer's dream.
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 9, 2010


I had the day off today and although I usually strongly dislike Mondays....I loved today. The sun was shining, I had a morning bike ride and breakfast with dh and I found time to sneak away to my craft room! Yay me!

I love to visit LollyChops blog, (for some reason, I am unable to link to her!grr) Today she posted the most beautiful teal flower bib necklace. I was immediately inspired and made TWO of them. They are soooooo easy (about 10 minutes, after I chose the flowers and ribbon.) I am thinking soft colors of fall and I chose these for my necklaces: I used Prima Flowers and some random embellishments along with fabric scrap backing.

What do you think? Cute huh? and so easy to make! Thanks Lolly for the inspiration.

I am now an empty nester....since my son married a week ago. I have taken over his old bedroom and am in the process of transforming it into my "scrap haven." Aahhhh, more room, more natural light, more space to create....more electrical outlets...just more everything.

It isn't quite finished yet, but sweet Packer Puppy has already found his favorite spot!

He lies right at the corner, and sometimes underneath, my desk. That way, he doesn't miss a thing. He can see the television from there ;), keep a close eye on me and stretch to his little puppy heart's content. He is such a joy! I call him my "scrap partner in crime" ;)

Hopefully I am on my way to many happy "scrappy" days to come in my new space. (if only I could find everything since the move from one room to another!) Oh well, looking through my stash is almost like until next time, happy scrapping to you.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beautiful Day

Yesterday was my son's wedding was the special kind of day that I want to keep forever in my heart. It seems that time passes so swiftly....the day of his birth, his homecoming from the hospital, first bike ride, first day of Kindergarten, first day of high school, first kiss, first date,first heartbreak, first job, first car.....isn't it amazing that we always seem the remember the "firsts and lasts?" A few weeks ago, he spent his last night under my roof as a member of my household, from now on, he will be a guest/visitor, I did the last load of his laundry that I will do, cooked his last meal before he married, told him to clean his room for the last time (LOL) much living done between those firsts and lasts! And at the time, it seems so endless, so routine....and then when it is past, it seems so precious...the things that only a mother can really appreciate. As his Dad and I prepared all day on Friday, getting everything in order for the BIG DAY....I looked at him alot, REALLY looked at him. Who is this man that I once called "baby?" Well, he is handsome and funny, he loves people and they love him, he would rather find the good in every situation than ever even look for the bad, he is loyal, faithful and strong....he is a minister of God's Gospel and of that, I am most proud. Yesterday morning, he was my he is a sure hope that everything I have done for him has helped to prepare him to be all that she needs him to be...and I trust that he will. She completes him...during the ceremony, just looking at her brought tears to his eyes and to me, she was the most beautiful creation on earth because she was made for my son! Today, they are off on their honeymoon, seeing the sites and sharing the love....his Dad and I are alone again after almost 23 years. We realize that in 27 years of marriage, only four of those have been "just us." We prepare to settle in to our new roles as parents of an adult, married child. Our joke this week has been that now we're just his "neighbors." LOL....although I am sure that he will come knocking on the door for a million different reasons in the years to come, and although he will never read this, I just wanted to say..It has been my greatest honor to raise this fine young man and though my heart feels slightly tender, my eyes are I prepare to watch him begin the next step of his life's journey....knowing that he is safely in the heart of a young woman who loves him and a God who has ordained his every step...Godspeed Jay.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where Have You Been???

Oooohhh, excuse me, that's ME who hasn't been updating her blog....I guess you all have been right where I left you over a month ago :) I have been a busy girl, but a LAZY blogger! First off, I have been and still am, helping my son and his fiancee get things moved into their new home....their wedding is in 18 days! YIKES!!!! I still have more pew bows and flower arrangements to make! I need to get myself in gear and focus...focus...focus!

In midst of all of the busy-ness, my hubby and I took a weekend trip to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee last weekend. Packer Puppy went along for good measure and we had a really nice time. Lots of goooood food, shopping, sight seeing, good get my drift here, right? Below are a few pics from our adventure:

I just loved this fence with the vine creeping over it...the beautiful mountains and trees in the background! Ahhh, such pretty scenery...

Here is a pic of us in our sweet little one bedroom cabin. So homey and comfy...I would like to have one just like it here on some of our wooded property. Hubby and I tried to figure out if we could live in one as our "retirement home" someday...I said YES, all we need to add is a HUGE closet and a "scraproom." Hmmm, that's not too much to ask for is it ;0

Lastly, we got up early on our second morning and hit the GIANT Smokey Mountain Flea Market....ahhhhh, miles of everything imaginable. Some of it was indoors in a HUGE warehouse type building.....there was lots and lots of NEW/Wholesale items and outside, there was a bit of everything. I found one booth that caught my fancy, actually hubby found it and turned me in the right direction, he said, "over here honey, it says OLD STUFF." Yep, he knows me! I found beautiful old blue canning jars. They are my FAVES!!!! Hubby was soooo impressed when I demonstrated my motto of "never pay full price for ANYTHING" and bargained until I got two of these half gallon jars (very hard to fine) and one pint jar for half of what the man wanted. I pointed out that one had a crack and the other had a "deep" scratch that might someday become a crack;) and I wouldn't want to take the two large ones and not a smaller one to go with them.....hahaha...I love the thrill of the hunt! Then I did casually mention that I was going to put buttons in them when much to my delight, he pulled out an antique tin FULL of antique button cards with the buttons still one them! (Squeal!) It takes alot to make me squeal, but this did. Hubby laughed and told me that I could have probably talked the man down $5 on the buttons and I told him that the man could have actually charged me $10 more than he did! LOL....oh such fun! I cannot wait to dig into my treasures and create something.
Well, I am off to the scraproom to make a few more pew bows and paint a candle holder. More news and hopefully, PROJECTS, coming soon.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flower Power....

Hi all and happy Sunday evening! It's been a busy weekend for us. My son and his fiance's household shower was yesterday evening and was a fun, fun time for all! Today has been busy with church and friends! Blessed....but busy!

I have been trying to make some of my own embellishments for my cards and layouts. I love BIG, over the top flowers! I have been buying cheap dollar store silk flower bunches and taking them apart to make them more "page/card friendly." Here are a couple of my attempts:

For this card I used Kay and Co. Family Tree Papers, Floral garden silk flowers, Gem by the Beadery and ribbon scraps from my stash.

For this card, NRN Papers, Floral Garden silk flower, Gem by the Beadery and ribbon scrap. so much fun to add these big, beautiful flowers.

Hope that you have a great week...until next time, happy scrapping!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Long Time Coming.....

Hey y'all...this post has been a long time coming! 6 weeks since my last one! Whew, I am a slacker on the blogging front, but I have been creating....and just to prove it, here are a couple of my latest cards:

The first was for my niece, Hannah's high school graduation. I used Moxie Fab Papers, Offrey Ribbon, Hobby Lobby Pearls, Floral Garden Flower and chipboard sticker. ( I have started making most of the flowers used on my creations by buying regulary old silk flowers from anywhere and dismantling them, reassembling them, adding bling and turning them into flowers fit for scrapbooking and card making. Flowers are my all time FAVE embellishment, so this is working well for me!)

My second card today was for my MIL for Mother's Day. I used paper scraps, Floral Garden Flower (again, recreated for my purposes), HL pearls, Hallmark Ribbon, Inkadinkado Stamp and Martha Stewart Ribbon.

I am busy right now with MANY crafty projects, most of which are for my son's upcoming July wedding! Wedding favors, pew bows, flower poofs, boutineres and flower arrangements have taken over my scrapspace and the rest of the house! But what a blast!!! Soon to be DIL has involved me (the groom's mother!) in every aspect of the BIG DAY and I am loving it! (I will be a bit relieved when I have all of these projects complete, as I am beginning to smother a bit with all there is left to do) I will post snippets of the "finery" later.

Have a great Tuesday!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Just a quick *squeal* of card came out in today's debut of the April issue of SNR! I never get tired of seeing my work in there! Thanks SNR (Anne House) for using my work!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Big Picture....

My heart is heavy this morning with the news that the last 4 miners in the West Virginia Mine Explosion did not survive, bringing the total of deaths to 29. So much sorrow for one community to bear. This hits close to home for me because my husband is an underground miner and we know all to well the risks involved with his profession. We have been glued to the news all week....just hoping....and praying....and waiting. We have had many discussions on the dangers and joys of coal mining. My husband would emphatically say, "I love my job as a coal miner." Miners are a special breed of men...they are strong and sound and brave and intent on doing the job, no matter the circumstances. My Dad is a retired miner as well and I grew up in a mining family. In our area, mining is life.....for our families, our community, our economical structure. Many oppose mining due to environmental each is own, but to those of us who live here, without the income and subsequent spending of resources that mining provides for our citizens, our area would crumble. No matter which side you're on....this disaster is terribly sad and I am heartbroken for all the loss and pain that the Big Branch Coal community is suffering.

On a lighter note, I have a few cards to share today:

My "Sympathy" card was made using K&Co Ancestry Papers and Tag, Martha Stewart Ribbon and Ink, and Prima Flowers.

This card was made using Nature Preserve 100% recycled papers, K&Co Daisies, Martha Ribbon and Ink. I loved the simplicity of this card.

My final card was made using K&Co Ancestry Papers, Prima Flowers, Hollywood Raffia, Next Image Buttons and real antique lace from my stash.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that your day is beautifully blessed!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Creative Slump.....or Creative Dump?

I find myself in a creative slump this week. I am off work today and it is rainy....a perfect day to sequester myself in my scraproom and create to my heart's content, but I haven't been able to! I will admit that my space is a messy nightmare right now. My son is getting married in July, so my scraproom has become a catch-all for wedding finery, household items, decorations and prototypes of I am not really sure if I am in a slump or just can't concentrate because it is such a "dump" right now :) When I walk in there, my mind hurts! So much much to little time! Then I tell myself that I have the rest of my life to have a clean room to work in, but only one opportunity to help make his BIG DAY more I guess I will just have to relax and enjoy the moment.

I do have a couple of cards to share today. I made the first one with Nature Preserve 100% recycled cardstock, Michael's Felt Coaster, K&Co butterfly, Martha Stewart ribbon and ink.

For this card I used: My Mind's Eye Paper; Prima Flower, Next Image Button, Martha Stewart Ribbon and Ink and Stampology Sentiment Stamp.

I have a short "dog story" to share. As you all know, I am active in rescuing discarded puppies and dogs, so I am all about adopting one that needs a home. My son phoned my office the other day and told me sad story about a 7 month old chocolate lab that needed a home. Since we are at full capacity and he IS getting married in July, this would be the perfect opportunity for HIM to adopt this dog and give it a good home! After a bit of thought, I agreed that it could live in one of our kennels for a couple of months before moving on with him to his new home. Enter
"Twix"....a seemingly innocent name for a 7 month old "puppy." In reality my son arrived home with a 80 pound behemouth, with slobbery jowels, red eyes and a distinct dislike of other dogs! Oh yes....we had quite an evening with said "Puppy." After visiting with Twix through the bars of his cage that his nice owners GAVE my son to haul him home in...we ascertained that he was indeed people friendly, slobbery, but friendly. My son and I carefully worked through the top of the crate door to get his new collar and lead securely attached before actually opening the door and allowing his escape...did I say that he weighed about 80 pounds??? Well anyway, after much twisting and turning, pushing and pulling, we had him leashed and opened the door. He happily jumped to the ground, pulling my 6'2", 210 pound son like a pulltoy around the driveway, refusing to be "led", but rather leading the way himself. He did enjoy being scratched under the chin and on the head, he did shower you, literally, with all kinds of slobbery affection.....until my small female daschound, Mollie, walked by (she is Packer's mom). The he turned MONSTER!!! He was obviously VERY dog agressive! He didn't care for any of the dogs that wander around my yard and was not shy about it! A couple of fresh chicken breasts from the fridge were a small price to pay to lure him back into the truck and into his crate. Sigh.....gate safely fastened with dog inside! (Oh and by this time, my son's finacee was sitting inside her Jeep with the door CLOSED to get away from him!!!) Are you getting the picture here? After rescuing many, many dogs....I was stating rather forcefully, "This dog needs to be returned to his owners. I am getting a good idea of why he NEEDED a new home." My son was disagreeing. How could we really know Twix in only a matter of minutes? Didn't he deserve a chance? Yes, I agreed, but only until dear hubby arrived to assess the situation and give us his opinion. Well, and I know that I'm rambling here, but I want you to get the picture...hubby arrived about 20 minutes after the Monster, I mean Twix, was back in his crate. He walked over, took one look and said, " I thought you were getting a puppy? Look at his eyes. I don't think you want this dog." *smile* I knew I was right, but for some reason, Dad's opinion of the animal world carries more weight than Mom's. Again, after arguing "fair chance", Twix was again allowed OUT of the crate, (fiancee back in the Jeep....Mollie running for her life....all of the neighbor's dogs standing back and watching), with hubby manning the leash. Twix immediately jumped up with his paws on 6 foot hubby's shoulders and slobber loved him all over! He then growled, fur raised at another dog....refused to be led....pulled and tugged like an alligator doing a death roll and met his fate! BACK TO HIS OWNERS HE WOULD GO!!!! Son was too embarrassed to take him so dear hubby and I returned him, much to his owner's displeasure. Said owner and I agreed that "puppy" is really out of control! (Has anyone seen the movie Marley and Me? Well this was Marley's evil twin). He is dog agressive....his owner said, and I quote, "I have to get rid of him....he is hyper." UNDERSTATEMENT!!!! Anyway....Twix is back with is owner and I have 2 bruised arms, a scraped hand and some minimal mental trauma to show for it :) Son is fine....and determined to adopt from a shelter in the near all in all....lesson learned! As lessons wasn't to one was bitten, no dogs were injured and no bones were broken! LOL...hope you enjoyed the rambling!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I am honored to have one of my favorite recent card creations published in the April issue of Scrapbook News and Review! I was also in their last April's issue....hmmm...I'm guessing that "April" must be my month :) I will post the card in May after my publication contract expires! Just had to share the good news!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Easter and Yard of Lace

Hi posts seem to get further and further apart. Life intrudes on fun, I guess, and takes me away from some of my favorite things! I just had to share this, and I know that all of those "true crafters" out there will understand. We have lived next door to my husband's Aunts for the past 26 years. The younger of the two sisters passed away 2 years ago in her mid 80's. She had been a crafter extraordinare for many years. Her quilts, which I am blessed to own several, were gorgeous. Her old sister, who is now 89 years old, asked if I would like some of her sewing supplies. YEAH!!!! Of course! Below is what I found in her stash.

Lace....ribbon....and more lace. This lace is really old, I don't even have to do anything to make it look antique, it REALLY IS! I was so happy...I told her that it felt like Christmas to me! I love it and I love that it was something of hers that I get to use to make something that someone else can enjoy.

On another note....Happy Easter Week! This is one of my favorite holidays. I love what it means and I love who I am because of the great price that Christ paid for me. I made this "Spring-y" wreath with all of my favorite spring colors.

Who doesn't love pastel easter eggs, ribbon, flowers and butterflies....ahhh...Spring is here! In fact, hubby is cutting our grass this evening for the first time this season! Yippee....I am loving it!

Thanks for stopping by...until next time.