Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Recovery

Hi all! I haven't posted for a couple of days...Thanksgiving was filled with family activity and waaaay too much turkey....I braved the shopping frenzy on Black Friday and actually enjoyed it ( my favorite was my binge at Michael's, as our nearest is almost 100 miles away:) and today I all but finished my shopping! Yeah! This is the first year that I have not had my shopping nearly completed before Thanksgiving. I really enjoyed the great bargains!

I threw this little card together late last night, (in between the gift wrapping) and I love my little snowman. I dry embossed him on vellum, placed a bit of torn mulberry paper behind him and mounted in on Provo Craft Holly Paper, and of course, added one of my big over-the-top bows! I Stamped "Believe In Miracles" with Making Memories cherry red ink...the inside says..."for unto us a child is born." I hope to get back to crafting next week...the only problem is that my scraproom is now "Christmas Package Central" and I can hardly turn around in it....oh well... I am sure that the crafter inside me will find a way. Be Blessed.

Monday, November 24, 2008

2S4Y Weekly Challenge

Well, here is my interpretation of this week's sketch challenge from . I really enjoyed making this card and I think that the bunched ribbon is my fave embellishment. You can barely see it, but the chipboard message says "blessings." On this Thanksgiving week, I feel especially blessed!

I used Making Memories solid cardstock; Ms. Elizabeth patterened paper; Martha Stewart glitter; Country Charm Ribbon and Wright's Wired Seed Beads...the chipboard is Colorbok. Thanks for stopping by ;)

Showers of Blessings!

Hi all! We awoke to steady rain this morning and I couldn't help but think of the hymn "Showers of Blessings." Afterall, this is Thanksgiving week and I feel overwhelmingly blessed! I look forward to a table surrounded with family on Thursday and am especially thankful that my Dad is able and looking forward to joining us. (He plans on staying for the entire day ;) By the way...beautiful tribute to him in your blog Amber !

The card above was simple. I used a premade card blank and simply embellished with glitter and a 3D tag from a gift bag from last year which is getting repurposed this year. (Scrappers never throw anything away for good reason :) My favorite seasonal verse is "For Unto Us A Child Is Born" which I stamped on the front and the inside says "Believe In Miracles." I DO!

I was the first one awake this morning and since it is a holiday week, I started it off by trying out a couple of new recipes. These are Pumpkin Spice Cookies and they are great. They remind me of desserts made by my Granny Smith when I was a child. (it is probably the nutmeg...I think that she used that in everything.) These are made with spice cake mix, a cup of pumpkin, walnuts and butter. Simply great! I plan to take a few trays like this one to my church friends on Wednesday evening as a small Thanksgiving treat. I plan to spend today making tags for them to express my families sentiments toward them during this week of thanksgiving, just to let them know that we are blessed by their presence in our lives. (Family, you will get to try them out on Thursday :)

Okay, for those who asked for a Packer he is. He has improved wonderfully since the day a few weeks back when I thought that he was a goner. He eats like a pig, plays like a puppy should and sleeps like an infant. (This morning he did let me sleep until a few minutes after 8am.) How can something that only weighs a couple of pounds carry such a weight of responsibility? (Parents have been asking that for eons, I'm sure :) I have told hubby that this is our very LAST rescue EVER! I simply do not have the emotional or physical stamina to do this anymore. We counted the other day and figured that we have saved approximately 22 abandoned dogs/puppies in the past several years. So we are calling it quites with Packer...and our son claims him as his, and says that when he moves out in a couple of years...Packer will be going with him. Hmmmm....we'll see.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Countdown

I ran into my mother-in-law while shopping earlier and she commented that she had been online to check in on my latest creations, but hadn't found any :( I've had a busy couple of days; doing some Christmas shopping and such, )BUT, I have been creating...just hadn't had time to post. I love this card! Perhaps my favorite of the season, (yes, I know that I have said that more than once.) I love this Heidi Grace Flocked Snowflake paper and I happened upon this sweet reindeer that looked as though he were flying by Country Silk, so ....a card was born. I added snowball ribbon from the $ Tree and I think he turned out quite nicely...How about you?
I have been trying to do some Christmas shopping and I seem to be having "gift block." I simply cannot find anything that just "speaks" to me for anyone on my list! Maybe I will go out of town in a week or so and look around there. Oh well, at least Thanksgiving is simpler...and MY FAVORITE of all holidays. I look forward to having family here this year...the food...the laughter...a fire dancing in the fireplace....Memories in the making.

Monday, November 17, 2008

2S4Y Weekly Challenge

This is my interpretation of this weeks sketch challenge. I used K&Co. metallic patterened paper; Elegant Earthtone Wedding by American Traditional Designs; and Ribbon by Offrey. I am also entering this card in a wedding card call later this month. Wish me luck!

Snowy Monday!

Hello is a blustery, snowy day here in Kentucky! It sparked my Christmas spirit and I began my holiday decorating today. ( I keep telling myself that this will allow me more time for baking and scrapping ;) I want to give a quick KUDOS to Amber for being chosen as a Fab 5 on 2S4Y! Big accomplishment, Ber! I had been reading online about ATC's (artist trading cards) and just happened to have a deck of AlphaCards by K&Co which I used to make these cute ornaments. I couldn't decide whether to use them as gift tags or tree ornaments, but since I just hung them on my tree ;) I guess that they will serve as ornaments for now and possibly tags later. They are soooo easy and fun to make. It is like scrapping and card making on a tiny canvas and I loved it. I have found several info sites (and swap sites) dedicated to these small wonders.

Here is an updated picture of "Little Packer." Have you ever seen such blue eyes on a puppy? He is such a mix of breeds that it is impossible to tell exactly (or even approximately) just what he might be when he grows up :) We do think that we see an ever so slight resemblance to a chihuahua we once knew, especially when he lies on his back and his little ears are straight up. Whatever he is, we have allowed ourselves to become his slaves. (Still eating about 6 times a day...this morning at 3AM!) He is still having skin issues, but growing like a pig and playing like a puppy should. That is a major improvement from last week. He just might make it afterall!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Busy Day

Here's a quick "Packer" update for those of you who are interested in the shenanigans of a 2 pound puppy. After what seemed as though it would be his final day of life on Tuesday....he has made an amazing recovery(as you can see from the picture of him biting my ankle! Yes his mouth is open that wide;) Today he has eaten SIX times, played with everything from my ankle to Rusty's toys to my favorite leather shoes! He has napped between play spells and his breathing sounds much improved. Who knew the healing power of a heating pad and warmed goat milk?????

Tonight (after Packer was put to bed;) I found this cute idea in a Gooseberry Creek book and had to make them. They are Christmas Tag Ornaments, which can be used on the recipient's tree after their package is opened. Cute idea! I made them from red and green felt and random embellishments. (the santa was my own creation...don't you love his beard?)

I had already put names on some which shall remain unphotographed for the sake of surprise (yes family, I mean you!)

This Easter card was made in response for an ad in one of my niece's card mags for Easter submissions. The only problem is that I have forgotten the address....Ber, can you email that to me? I loved this Hallmark ribbon (which I, of course, found on clearance for a ridiculously low price), and the Heidi Grace flocked tags. I must admit, it is difficult to think of Easter when we have our first forecast for snow tomorrow. Have a great day!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hey All! It's been a busy couple of days....what with nursing poor little Packer back to health. (Ber, your mom can give you all of the details :) I still have found a few minutes to craft and christmas shop! I loved the purplish-pink snow flake ornaments, so I just had to incorporate them into winter-time cards (not christmas cards, just "winter" cards.) I had on hand the complimentary paper and cards were born.

Ber, the tin was just crying out for a snowman and here he is! I enjoyed this challenge and will definitely give him as a pre-Christmas gift for someone, so that they can use the tags for the season. These cute 3D stickers were from Walmart and the glitter is Martha's, of course. My sister has an even cuter idea for hers....can't wait to see it ;) Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blue Christmas

I have been MIA for a couple of days due to working yesterday. (I missed blogging :) I must be in a "blue" mood....I picked up a couple of Christmas ornaments on my way home yesterday and last night, after things settled down, I made these cards. I have decided that all of my gifts this year will include one of my special cards. (some of them are too elaborate to mail with any hope that the bow will arrive as intended...all pretty and fluffy.) This silvery reindeer caught my eye and my fancy when I saw him. He is elegant enough to deserve a pretty snowflake bow and glitter tag.

I loved this antique look tin snowflake....and the flocked snowflake paper from Heidi Grace was a perfect compliment. I also glittered the greeting with Martha Stewart arctic snow collection. ( I am all about some glitter right now.) Hubby and I just had a nice lunch date before he left for work...I am about to retreat to the scraproom...let's hope for some cool creations today! May you be blessed.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sweet Saturday

I had such a sweet Saturday....spent most of the day with my Dad, Sister, Niece and Nephew-In-Law....I love the sound of family conversation. As I listened yesterday, I noticed how people who have a life-long connection can speak with such times having multiple conversations going at once..yet, everyone able to keep up with all at the same time. I am blessed...and....the cards were made with Amber :) What a fun treat. We covered the dining table with supplies and created to our heart's content. It was alot of fun...and scrapfamily...I would like to do a day at my house...lunch included :) After the great day there...I had date night with Hubby and had a wonderful evening at a concert and shopping. (More scrap supplies for me :)
Here is an update on little Packer. This was taken Friday after his first vet visit. He is a struggler, I'm afraid. As the runt, he already had one strike against him. He sounds as though he may have a congenital respiratory problem and is battling skin problems at the time. With parasite medication, antibiotics, warm food and plenty of love, I'm hoping he makes it and proves my concerns wrong. I'm rooting for you Packer!

Friday, November 7, 2008

At It Again

I took a break a few minutes ago from laundry and cleaning to "sit" in my scraproom to catch my breath.....instead of breathing....or in addition to breathing...I quickly threw together two cards.

The flowers on this card is what caught my eye lying in my scrap box...I had to use them immediately, while the creative juices were flowing, and in my usual fashion of two projects in one sitting...

I used the same papers, ink and so forth to make this one, only taking a moment to grab the snowflake ornament from my "to do" box :) As I've said before, I love this unusual shade of green for Christmas....and this stamp is one of my favorite Bible verses. Happy Crafting :)

Jolly Snowman

I love this little guy! I found these 3D snowman stickers at WalMart this week and had to have them! I am very proud of my snow! I made this from crumpled tissue paper sprinkled with Martha Stewart arctic white glitter. I had this sheet of paper from BasicGrey and it looked perfect for snow. I love it when a plan comes together :)

I got my cricut out yesterday...I am guilty of not using it nearly I put it in a prominent place on my worktable, plugged it in and began cutting. I have several programs for it that I have never, a new plan for next week...USE THE CRICUT.
Looking forward to visiting Amber tomorrow.....always a pleasure :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My New Favorite!

I believe that I have just made my FAVORITE card EVER! I love the look of glitter on other people's creations, but have never gotten into the 'messy' art of glittering....until NOW! I found this cool super fine pink glitter at Walmart today and Arctic Chill Glitters by Martha Stewart and I love this look. I also picked up a Martha Glue Pad for use with stamps...who knew that this is so GREAT! I am excited....can't wait to see what I can come up with now :)


It is very difficult to think Christmas when it is 80* and sunny outside...but I did make a few holiday cards . I chose snowmen (my alltime favorites:) and christmas trees. These were cute embellishments fromWalmart and could be used as small tree ornaments or whatever.... I am still having lighting issues...I guess practice makes perfect.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Clock is Ticking

I figured that it was time for a puppy update....The little brown sweet-faced boy needs a home! He is five weeks old tomorrow and an absolute joy. He is the odd ball in the litter and his favorite activity is cuddling under your chin or lying in your arms getting a belly rub. He is going to be a great dog for someone....any takers? The second puppy is "Packer," aptly named by my son, who has claimed him, because he is the runt and needs "carried" alot; and also after his favorite NFL team...Greenbay! Packer is going to have a permanent home with us. I figure that he will require a bit of extra love and care, so after he is weaned and vet checked, he will probably winter with us...INSIDE. He doesn't have enough meat on his bones for a cold, cold winter outside :)
I love the blue and cream card...I was inspired by Annette's Paper Bistro site. Her cards are all so elegant and beautiful! It made me want to "bling" mine up a bit. I love the siver bow and shimmery box :)
The red "JOY" card is from two ornaments which the recipient can use after they have enjoyed the card. (You have seen that from me before.)
I have sort of been in a creative slump these past few days...just can't get my style going. I did scrapbook an album of the puppies...I like to have a remembrance of all of the dogs/puppies we rescue. When I look back at them...I feel good...and I have sweet memories. Afterall, isn't that what life is all about?