Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweet Saturday

I love Saturday! It is my favorite day of the week when I am working. I slept in until 8:30am, cleaned house, started the laundry, made a new LO and card and when hubby wakes up, he worked night shift this week, I am taking him out to lunch or dinner, depending on the time. I LOVE Saturday!

I made this card because the flower inspired me. I am not usually a "purple-y" person, but this time I liked it. I used Imagine That purple cardstock, Once Upon a Time Cardstock by DCWV, Martha Stewart butterfly stamp, NRN Designs sticker words, Blossom from the Floral Garden, buttons and ribbon from my stash.

For this LO, I used Heidi Grace Summertime Cardstock, Prima flowers, NRN designs sticker words and buttons from my stash. Sometimes, less is more. I usually cram several pics on a page, but my niece, Amber, makes beautiful pages with one photo being the center of attention and I love her work. You can catch her at the Country Scrapper link on my page. She is also on the CB design team. Look for her there, she has great ideas.

Well, off to the laundry room....tata for now....and until next time, happy scrapping.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Tuesday

I had a few minutes to craft this past weekend...and this is the results. I am in a "Fall Feeling" mood, so naturally, my cards fell in line with that. I love the rich colors of Autumn....the yellows, oranges, reds and vibrant, so pretty.

I don't have my supply list onhand, so I will just wing it with the finished product this time :) Hope you have a wonderful, "crafty" day.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sweet Things In Life....

Today I am thinking of "sweet things" that I have encountered in my life....things like the smell of honeysuckle that whispers past my porch swing....or the cuddle of a puppy who just adores you....or the sweetness of a 19th birthday with people who love you....or the precious sleepy sighs of a newborn baby....or the taste of strawberries plucked off the vine....or the feel of my husbands hand reaching for mine, just to hold it. I am a blessed woman and it seems the older I get, the more appreciative I am of those precious gifts of everyday life. That is what inspired my cards today.

My son's finacee had a birthday this week....we took her out to dinner one evening and had her favorite "strawberry" birthday cake yesterday evening. She is a blessing to us, because she completes our son. What a "sweet thing" she is in our lives.

I have often said that true friends are such a blessing and a rarity..they are the people who know the real you and love you in spite of it. I am blessed with some of these people who can make any moment "better" just by being in it.
For this card I used Tranquil Cardstock, Prima Flowers, Studio 18 Rhinestones, NRN Stickers and CB Textile Embossing Folder.

I am going to be a great aunt in about 30 my first great nephew. I made this card with him in mind. All things blue came to mind and I just loved these cute papers that I found on clearance, it is DCWV Nursery Boy Blue, American Crafts Elements Ribbon and Acclaim Alpha Stamps. The ink was from the $ Tree.

Going on with the "baby" theme...a coworker is expecting a baby girl in a few Makenzie....I made this card for her. The pink and green reminded me of all things soft and girly. I used DCWV cardstock, Nana's Kids Ribbon, Hot Fudge Studio Stamp, $Tree Lime Ink and a generic flower lying in my box of "stuff." I think that buttons add a bit of fun to any card, and I sure used plenty today.

Time seems to pass so son begins his fourth year of college this week....with a couple more years to follow :) He has bounced back on forth on a major and has finally returned to his first He has wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember and at 21....realizes that if you are going to do something for the rest of your should be something that you are passionate about. He didn't need my help with registration, or school shopping,or transcripts, but he did call me earlier and ask if I would pay for his books...see, another sweet thing in my life....he still needs me to be his Mom...and I am thankful for that. So, now it's off to Amazon for me...I have text books to buy. Hope your day is great!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm Feeling.....

Hi all! I had a moment when I got home from work today to do a quick post. Over the weekend, I had time to make a couple of cards, but no time to sit down and get them online :( The busier my life becomes, the more I appreciate my scraproom! It is a sanctuary....a retreat....the one room in the house that does not have to be clean to be enjoyed! Sometimes, when I am crunched for time, I just walk in and look around, sigh....and walk back out. I always know that it is there....just waiting....for the next time that I carve out an hour or two for fun.

My first card just came together...really...I didn't have anything picked out! I was thumbing through a new paper stack from DCWV called Once Upon a Time and this card was born. I used NRN designs word stickers, after 5 chipboard and ribbon and buttons that were literally lying on my desk from some past use! How cool is that? and...I really liked the card! So simple! Sometimes I over think things :)

This little card was my "farewell to Summer" card....Fall is just around the corner, in fact, today was the first day of school in our area and I can sure hear those Fall bugs chirping this evening. I used Laundry Line paper (thanks Bon :), Lila Davis Designs flower (which I found on vacation in the Smokey Mountains), and AFD Candy Blossom phrase sticker.

A quick update on Packer...he is 11 months old and loves to chew on scrapbook supplies...the prettier the paper....the more he enjoys it! He is an odd looking little dog, but he is beautiful to me. He adores me and I return the favor! He is a sweet, cuddly, funny, clumsy, energetic, smart puppy. He blesses me with is devotion
This picture was taken last month when he went on his first vacation! He was having lunch here outside a McDonald's in Virginia. He took to traveling like a pro! He didn't mind the car ride...did his appropriate business at all rest stops, slept on my shoulder for several hours and took walks at our cabin. I was so proud...who knew that this little misfit would turn out to be so cool!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sweet Saturday

I awoke feeling nostalgic today. Although it is a beautiful, sunny, HOT day here, this morning I heard the chirp of "fall bugs." It reminded me that Summer is winding down, it will soon be time for the school buses to roll and for nature to begin her slow decline into her restful season. It made me think of those golden days of childhood when each day seemed to last for a week and everything was easy in my world. I cannot think of anything sweeter than bare feet slapping a rhythm on a dirt road running to Granny and Poppy's house...or the smell of red, ripe strawberries being eaten over plain yellow cake, no icing needed when Granny made it....or the smell of honeysuckle that tickled your nose when the breeze blew gently past. Ah, quickly it passes....and yet gives us anchor for the rest of our lives. Sometimes, I'd like to go back, just for a day or two....just to "feel" that again.

These two cards were made with my childhood memories in mind. Seed catalog time was special to the daughter and grandaughter of gardners. When they began looking at them, it was soon to be that magical, special, sweet time of spring and summer when the earth brought forth for our family a wonderful bounty of all things good and good for us. We lived simply....and beautifully. I was well loved, well fed and well taught that hard work in the summer meant easy living in the winter. Watching Dad and my Poppy work diligently in their gardens all summer long and then seeing how hard Mom and my Granny worked to fill freezers and pantry shelves, it made me appreciative of the love and care with which they took care of me. These cards brought all of those emotions and memories to the surface, and once again, I visited those golden days, if only in my mind.

These were made using Vintage Antique Stickers, NRN designs cardstock and Word Inspiration Stickers, Punch Studio dimensional stickers, and Martha Stewart fall leaves.

While we were vacationing in Pigeon Forge Tennessee recently, we happened upon the most wonderful restaurant, Mama's Farmhouse. It is dedicated to pure southern comfort foods and plenty of them. They serve you, buffet style, at your table, much like Granny used to do. For supper, they brought you vegetable soup to begin, followed by 3 meats, 6 vegetables, biscuits and cornbread, peach cobbler and banana pudding. WOW! It was unbelievable! Pure southern fare at its best and served with a smile and a story or two by the friendliest people. My husband asked if he could purchase a season pass, to which they replied, "No, we don't have those, but breakfast begins at 8." Yep, you guessed it. We were back at 8 am for breakfast! It was a great place and the memory is almost a sweet as the food.