Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy Time

Nothing creative this week...just busy, busy busy....getting ready for our 2nd annnual Pre-4th of July cookout this coming Saturday. We invite our entire church family, co-workers and friends to the hollow-fill area at our house and eat, play and fellowship ALL day! There are softball games, corn hole, inflatables and tons of food. It is alot of preparation, but also SO MUCH fun! Can't wait! Then on Sunday morning, we leave for a week in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee with friends. Can't wait for that either.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

At Last.....

At last....I made something! Okay, so it is only a couple of cards, but hey, my scraproom hasn't seen ANY action in a very long time! This evening when I came home from work, I just wanted to MAKE something....besides dinner :) So, an hour or so in my favorite room provided me with some much needed "recreation" time and also cards to give to two co-workers, one coming, and one going.

For this card I used Nature Preserve Recycled Cardstock, DCWV Cardstock, Prima Flower and Button, Amercian Crafts Ribbon, Katie and Co Stamp. It's for the girl that is leaving to work says BLOOM.....where you're planted.

For this card I used Pressed Petals Cardstock and cut butterflies from the same and Studio 18 rhinestones. It welcomes the girl coming.

I am enjoying my new job, although it does seriously cut into my craft time :) and I must confess, I do miss all of that quality family time that we seem to snatch only seconds of now. But I am blessed, nonetheless, and I certainly have much to be thankful for. So, until I squeeze in a moment and channel that creative energy towards something tangible, I wish you smiles....and plenty of scrapping time!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Been Awhile :) blog is out of date....and no time to create! I was just sitting here thinking that tomorrow is Friday....and I have scheduled activities all day Saturday and Sunday. No rest for the weary! Can you tell I am back to work....whine...whine...whine :) Just kidding....It will take me some time to adjust.

Last weekend we had a 3 day Youth Revival and are some of my favorite people. We had a great time.

Packer update: Isn't he the oddest looking little dog? His body is waaay to long for his head and legs. He looks like a little animal threw together with left over parts. But, I love him anyway. He is NOT happy that I am working. He has been getting into mischief almost everyday and goes wild when I walk in each evening. As soon as I sit down, he's in the chair with me...for the duration. It is good to come home to a warm puppy :)

Hope your day is great.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This Week's CPCM Challenge

Hi all....I hope that you are having a beautiful, sunny day wherever you are! This weeks CPCM Challenge is to use ribbon on a LO and feature a blessing in your life. This is my answer to that challenge. My niece, Amber Goble, is doing a great job as a member of their design team and I love her weekly challenge, although, Amber, I still cannot get my LO to upload to their gallery. Any suggestions?

Yesterday afternoon, I took Packer out for a nice romp around the yard while hubby was cutting grass. He loved it and spent most of the time chasing the a safe distance of course ;) I could definitely see the "hound" in him when he scented a squirrel that eats in our Walnut tree. He kept playing and then going back to the tree to look for that wonderful "furry critter" that left that delicious smell :) He didn't know to look up, so, of course, he didn't spot him.

Hope your day is great!