Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sweet Summertime...

I have been a blog slacker this summer....there just seems to be so much to do on these beautiful days and I don't want to miss a moment. Haven't been in my scraproom in weeks, other than working on some photos for scrapping.

Hubby and I have been taking advantage of our beautiful state of Kentucky and surrounding areas (Virginia and Tennessee) by visiting attractions in our own back yard, so to speak. We have been taking the bike out every chance we get and below are a few of our latest adventures.

Pine Mountain State Park, Pineville Kentucky

Cumberland Falls, Corbin Ky

Natural Tunnel State Park, Wise VA

Red River Gorge, Slade KY

Natural Bridge State Park, Slade KY

Breaks Interstate Park, Breaks VA

I have learned something this summer....I need to get in better shape if we are going to continue doing all of these outdoor activities ( hehehe) ....for the most part, all of the hiking, walking and climbing has been a blast...except for one trail this week that wiped me out! I mean it...there were about 5 rest areas on the trail and I stopped at ALL of them. Hubby was a sweetie and pretended to need to rest as often as I did, but I knew the truth ;)

Hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying this wonderful summertime! Until next time...