Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Easter and Yard of Lace

Hi all...my posts seem to get further and further apart. Life intrudes on fun, I guess, and takes me away from some of my favorite things! I just had to share this, and I know that all of those "true crafters" out there will understand. We have lived next door to my husband's Aunts for the past 26 years. The younger of the two sisters passed away 2 years ago in her mid 80's. She had been a crafter extraordinare for many years. Her quilts, which I am blessed to own several, were gorgeous. Her old sister, who is now 89 years old, asked if I would like some of her sewing supplies. YEAH!!!! Of course! Below is what I found in her stash.

Lace....ribbon....and more lace. This lace is really old, I don't even have to do anything to make it look antique, it REALLY IS! I was so happy...I told her that it felt like Christmas to me! I love it and I love that it was something of hers that I get to use to make something that someone else can enjoy.

On another note....Happy Easter Week! This is one of my favorite holidays. I love what it means and I love who I am because of the great price that Christ paid for me. I made this "Spring-y" wreath with all of my favorite spring colors.

Who doesn't love pastel easter eggs, ribbon, flowers and butterflies....ahhh...Spring is here! In fact, hubby is cutting our grass this evening for the first time this season! Yippee....I am loving it!

Thanks for stopping by...until next time.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Birds and Frogs, Bees and Dogs

I am thinking Spring this morning! I awoke to the sounds of birds singing....and last night, I heard frogs croaking in my nearby creek....I just know that Spring is coming soon and I am sure ready for it! A bee buzzed my head the other day....I am not so happy to have that happen, but, it to, is just another sign that warmer days are ahead! Country girls know these things...hehehehe...

I have a couple of cards to share today. The first is a "scrap card"...literally, I threw it together using paper scraps lying on my work area. Added a couple of Prima flowers, buttons, and ribbon. Loved the color combo....

This little card was just a square of cardstock, ribbon and a set of cute spring dimensional stickers from Michael's. A simply sweet card that made me think of my niece, Amber. (She loves Spring perhaps even more than I do ;)

My last shot is one of Packer Puppy sans clothing! He is 18 months old and finally has a nearly full coat! Whew, he has been a challenge! But isn't that "Jack Russel" head adorable??? He is soooo inquisitive and intelligent! He likes adults, doesn't care for children, unless they will sit quietly and pet him. If they are running around and playing, he goes beserk! I am afraid that he has taken over the household. He wants to be with me ALLLLL of the time. He carries his food dish next to my chair in the living room to "share" mealtime with me. (water dish as well....that has been an adventure for sure...lots of spilled water to clean up.)...he follows me every step.....sits on my lap and sleeps on my shoulder. I think that I have created a monster! LOL....hubby teases that I always wanted a lap dog....hmmmm, not quite what I had pictured, but oh well, he still thinks I am his Mommy! What's a girl to do?

Have a great day...and hey....pet a puppy today :) (packer told me to add that;)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feeling "Spring-y"

Feeling like a "spring chicken"....hehehe...not quite, but I am loving this "spring-like" weather and I do love this little distressed chicken :)

This cute little fella came from a "chicken garland" that I found in a bargain shop in Tennessee. I love the "rough" look of the wood and the colors. I simply used scrap cardstock, a piece of hemp and a couple of buttons....the sentiment on the inside says, "you're so tweet." Corny....I know, but still, I loved it.

I have been practicing my "ribbon flowers" which seem to be turning up everywhere I look. My niece, The Country Scrapper, had a great tutorial on her page and I followed her directions without difficulty. viola...plain ol' ribbon never looked so good!

Teal and Brown are the colors of my son's upcoming wedding...so I am thinking along those lines. This card was soooo easy to make!

My last one is a bit "Bright" for me. I don't usually use such vivid colors, but, oh well....Spring is the time for all things new. This one is actually a "pocket" card and inside is a package of flower seeds....a sweet reminder that spring is on the way! Wouldn't you love to get one of these in the mail?

Hope that you are all scrapping away and enjoying every moment. Thanks for stopping by.