Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter...a day late

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. My Dad is home after 4 weeks in the hospital (see my last post for details). We had a welcome home celebration/family dinner with him on Saturday. It was such a blessing to spend the day with him. He sat in a chair and fed himself for the first time in a month, and had an appetite!

On Sunday, we spent the day with Church activities! Morning worship followed by an afternoon egg hunt and cookout! The weather was perfect and my heart was ripe for worship! What a day. I even tried a little side walk chalk art with the kiddos. (my joints were the only ones popping when I stood up, though...LOL)

I have been back in the scraproom...hope to share a bit later. Hope that your day is wonderfully blessed!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Heaven....It Is For Real!

An 81 year old, dying man recently came "back" to his family after being unresponsive for 2 hours. He told those present where he had been. Here is his description of his journey as told by him: "I was in the most beautiful place you could ever imagine! It was so peaceful and bright. I was running through fields of flowers that went on as far as the eye could see and they were EVERY color in the world. I was running and waving my arms, like a little boy and I felt so light. All of the flowers were just nodding in the wind and I didn't break any of them as I ran through. It was so beautiful! I didn't want to come back and I begged Jesus to let me stay. But he said 'son, it's not quite time yet.' When he called me 'son' I knew that I had to obey him. I didn't even get my feet wet because Jesus carried me across a wide river. On the other side of the river, were the flowers."
This man had been struggling for every breath for several hours, but when he awoke from this journey, he said so sweetly, "I feel so rested. I'm not even tired." HIs vital signs quickly became stable, those present in the room could hardly believe what they had witnessed! Truly, it was a miracle....and those present were MY family! The man telling of the "beautiful place" was my Dad. He has been in the hospital for the past 26 days and when this took place, he was in ICU, having just told all of his children, in-laws and grandchildren goodbye. This amazing morning began when I arrived at 6:30 am and he asked me in a weak and frail voice, "do you see the angels? They are gathered all around the room." Some skeptics will doubt that this really happened, but to those of us, nurses and hospital staff included, it was undeniable! SOMETHING BIG had just happened here! Not only did Dad share his story with us, but many other staff members, friends and neighbors came by and would say, "tell us about it...what did it look like? Did you see anyone else." He told and retold of his fantastic journey for the next several days. He kept saying, "I will never forget his as long as I live!" I daresay, neither will we. Having served the Lord gladly for the past 47 years, we had not doubts about Dad's salvation, but getting a glimpse of HOME through his eyes was such a gift. We are forever changed! And I really appreciated his physician's words: "Medically, I can't explain it. Spiritually, it needs no explanation."

As a nurse for more than a decade, I have been at the bedside of many dying patients. I know the signs, I know the end results. I have had many of them talk of what they were seeing as life left their disease riddled bodies. I have always believed...and now, I BELIEVE even more!

Dad is still in the hospital but today the doctors are talking about letting him come home later this week! He has had a battle, with good days mixed with bad days. Through it all, we talk often of his journey and know that when he breathes his last breath, he will, again, be running freely through that glorious field of flowers, talking with Jesus and feeling so rested! Whether he comes home this week or ever....or just goes on HOME forever, we have been given a precious gift...a peek, if you will, of the place our souls long for, that Jesus has gone to prepare. On this Holy Easter Week, I just wanted to share this: It is real and by His supreme sacrifice, we all can go!

My son, a young minister, who witnessed Dad's travel brought me a book to read the other day. A story of a four year old child's near death experience. It is called "Heaven is for Real." If you want a more detailed glimpse of what my Dad saw, read this book! It's an awesome account!