Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From the stock pile...

Just thought that I would share a few cards from my stock pile....

Hope that your day is wonderful!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New direction for a New Year

I have been a terrible blogger as of late...hehehe....haven't been crafting, but have sort of taken my creativity in a new direction...Natural Light Photography has always been a passion and since October, I have had the opportunity to do several photo sessions. It seems that after the first, which was done for a friend, it has snowballed. This pic is of my wonderful son and his precious wife ;)....my favorite subjects EVER! DH gifted me with a great Canon Camera a couple of years ago and I have found a new love for an old passion! Good equipment certainly makes a difference, but there is nothing like framing that perfect shot...I get goosebumps and can often be heard exclaiming, "money shot!" LOL

Love, love, love this pic...this sweet girl was not posing, she was simply looking with adoration at her new baby brother...*sigh, I love those "shots" that just happen!

This precious 2 week photo of baby Peyton was one of my faves! Nothing like a fur blanket and a sleeping infant...

This photo session was a blast! There is nothing like watching the family dynamic of multiple children. The eldest daughter "mothered" the younger ones, tried to get them to pose and look at the camera, the middle daughter quietly did everything I asked her and smiled so softly...and the youngest...he was a pistol! I just followed him around and snapped rapidly....that's my method for children under the age of 4...LOL

This beautiful couple didn't NEED me at all...they were gorgeous and all that I had to do was focus and shoot. Gorgeous....I do love the sunburst in this shot! No editing necessary ;)

As I continue to explore this avenue, I hope to have MANY more shots to share...with photo and editing tips that work for me. A friend and I have combined our love of photography into a business and can be found on Facebook under Shutter Sisters Photography. Come by and check us out!