Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Been A Long Time...

Good Thursday morning! I took the morning off from work and before I had breakfast, or washed my hair or got out of my jammies, I MADE A CARD! Whew....who knew that working would interfere with so much of my fun time :) Just kidding, the job is going well, although it has been a big adjustment for my entire family. Our schedules are all varied and we catch glimpses of each other on most days, especially when hubby works evening shift for two weeks and of course, I am always on days. We are re-learning this two career family thing, and I must confess, having the year off was such a blessing. I had more time for the most important, home, crafts :) I did teach VBS last week and I had 19-4,5,6 year olds in my class. I was exhausted, going straight to church after work and not getting home until 9 or 10 pm, but it was a great week.

For this card, I was inspired by the Cuttlebug Gate-Fold Challenge this week.
I strayed from their concept but used the fold on my card. I was so happy cutting, gluing and spray glittering! Ah, the simple things. Too bad I can't find a job in "Craft Nursing." I can see it now, therapeutic crafts taught by a licensed health care professional. Oh well, maybe it only sounds plausible to me ;)

My free time this morning is quickly passing, so I will say goodbye for now. Hope you all have a great day.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Nothing new to show you this week, as I have been busy preparing to teach 5&6 year olds at VBS beginning this evening. I have been crafting, but it has been along the lines of David's 5 smooth stones, Gideon's lamps and the Armor of God! I am amazed at the things you can make with aluminum foil, glue, rocks and paper towel rolls :) Now that I have taken all of the VBS supplies out of my scraproom, I might get to do something creative next weekend! Something to look forward to. Last night was our VBS Kickoff and we certainly KICKED IT OFF with two great Christian Rock/Praise Bands, Ten:Nine, a local group and Coals of Fire from Tennessee. I don't know who enjoyed them more, the young kids or us "older" ones. Either way, it was a GREAT time! Hope your week is everything you want it to be and more.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Belated 4th!

Hi all...happy belated 4th of July! We spent the week in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and had a great time. Here is a short glimpse of some of the highlights.

Hubby and I rode the "Tail of the Dragon," an 11 mile stretch of mountain with 318 curves. City dwellers found it to be amazing, to us, it was like riding here at home. We did end up on a couple of biker web sites though, with the photos available to us for a "small" fee, of course :)

Here is shot of my crew entering Dollywood. I am not sure who enjoyed it the most...the kids (who are the reason we went ;) or the adults (minus me), who rode the roller coasters.

My son, his fiancee, hubby and I had a great week together, although the kids had to come home midweek for work and church obligatons. Still, plenty of new memories to add to the album.

On Saturday, June 27, we hosted our 2nd annual 4th of July cookout at our house. This year we had about 85 people present, which is up from 53 last year. Many of our church family, friends and coworkers came. It was a fun filled day that lasted into the night and ended with a bonfire, roasted weiners and marshmallows.

This year, I awarded trophies for the softball players. Some were real, some gag...all were enjoyed. Example: MVP (for our Pastor), slowest runner (which was a wooden turtle), best catch (my son won that one), worst play of the game....LOL...lots of fun!

What a great week...tomorrow...back to work. Hope you all are wonderfully blessed.