Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whew! FINALLY....I Am Connected!

This is a picture of a tree "on fire" about 20 feet behind my house! On March 13, we had a beautiful, heavy snow (about 4 inches) which weighed down some branches in a neighboring pine tree. This caused a power line to spark and started a fire! When hubby came home from work at 3:00am he woke me and called the power company. No one came all during the morning hours and the tree flamed in various branches, causing the telephone line to melt and break! We were only without power for a few hours, but telephone for 5 days and internet for 6! Even when the telephone line repairman did their work, still no DSL! After a three hour repair today, warrenty covered (thank goodness), I am connected! Whew....who knew that I would miss it that much?!?!? Thankfully, no damage was done other than the tree and the utility lines.

Even though I was "disconnected," I was still occasionally creating. Graduation cards are difficult for me because I never quite know how to make them sparkle. For this one, DCWV Glitter Paper took care of that for me. I added some Offrey Ribbon and Stampin' Up Stamps...viola, Congrats to the Grad.

I am glad to be back online......hope you all have a great day!


Amber said...

Love the graduation card T! I've missed you and Mom not blogging! And I see you've had a blog makeover, very pretty.

Annette said...

Welcome back to the internet! Thank goodness it was only the one tree, that must have been scary having a tree fire so close to your house.
Love the new card with the sparkle and the ribbons! Have a great day!